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For over 100 years Gulf has redefined the way in which the world shops for oil. Gulf has been a pioneer of new technologies, not least in carrying out the world’s first over-water drilling operations in 1910 and creating the world’s first commercial catalytic cracking process in 1918. Gulf also became a champion of the consumer from that historic day in 1913 when the company opened the world’s first drive through gas station. Gulf developed the first synthetic oil molecule, the first detergent oil and were the first to package lubricants in plastic packaging. Gulf also went on to explore for uranium and to discover gas in the North Sea (North West Europe). Gulf Gulf oil is one among the 7 oldest oil companies in the world, well known as the 7 sisters, which is also one of the 10 well known oil companies in the world to have more than 36000 workshops, 27000 employees and worth more than US$ 1.7 Billion. Gulf operates in more than 113 countries, has 23 factories all over the world and supplies to more than 17 global oil brands. Our distinctive corporate orange and blue disc, recognized throughout the world remains a mark of quality, a symbol of excellence and a guarantee of professional service. Today, Gulf employs the world’s leading oil technologies. The company’s commitment to producing and marketing the highest quality lubricants in over 100 countries is embodied in our investment priorities, centered on leading edge research and an ongoing participation in global motor racing programme which tests our product to the maximum. This has resulted in the evolution of a family of oils meeting advanced standards of performance in varied operating conditions with OEM approvals and endorsements from many of the world’s leading engine manufacturers.

Company Profile – PT. Gulf Oil Lubricants Indonesia (GOLI)

GOLI is a 100% foreign owned subsidiary of Gulf Oil International and Standard Grease. GOLI is having its head office in Jakarta, and an ISO 9000 certified toll blending unit in Cilegon. GOLI is one of the top class lubricant suppliers in Indonesia, fulfilling the needs of specific lubricants for various usages and customized lubricants for specific needs. GOLI caters to all needs of lubrication including Automotive and industrial, Gas engines and turbines, power generations, greases, brake fluids, synthetic and other specific lubricants. Some of the main categories of lubricants offered by GOLI in Indonesia are as mentioned below

1. Super Fleet series – For new / modern Diesel engines and generators
2. Super Diesel series – For Euro 1 Diesel engines and generators
3. Super Duty plus – For old Diesel engines and generators
4. ATF / TO series – For Transmission applications
5. Harmony AW series – For Medium to heavy duty hydraulic engines
6. Harmony series – For light and old hydraulic engines
7. Gear EP/ HD series – For light to heavy Gear box applications
8. Mar Sel/ DPO series – For marine applications
9. Transformer oil – For power generation, supply and distribution
10. Compressor series – For compressor applications
11. Eskimo series – For Cooler compressor applications
12. Merit series – For Rock drill and pneumatic applications
13. Way series – For slideways applications
14. Greases – All types MP, EP, HT, Li comp, Ca Comp, Moly comp.

and many more range of lubricants for specific to very specific applications. For more information on available products and specifications from Gulf oil, please visit our website www.gulfoilltd.com or www.gulfoilphillipines.com or my blogs www.gulfindonesia.blogspot.com, or contact our representative at the below given address.

Sub Dealer
CV. Wahana Tata
Phone :+6231 8533048
Fax :+6231 8533048
email :wahanatata@ymail.com

Rajendra L Yuarta
Phone :+6285733336888
Phone :+6289675620001
Pin :24A0A336
Email :rajendra_yuartha@yahoo.co.id

Perwakilan Wilayah Kalimantan
CV. Wahana Tata
Phone :+625114783723
Fax :+625114783723
Email :wataborneo@yahoo.co.id

Phone :+6281351800489
Phone :+6287815544218
Phone :+625114783723
Email :sugi_0588@yahoo.co.id

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